Site Visits and Ambient Lighting Consultations




Private Estate weddings are the most intimate & peaceful weddings in the world.


Light sets mood, and how we feel. This is a tool a photographer uses on the wedding day.

We work with all our planners & couples to pre-plan the best direction and placement for the ceremony & reception. We can forecast the sun direction, and movement, as well as plan backwards from sunset. This maximizes comfort and maintains a soft and comfortable look & feel. Thus minimizing glare, and catching potential issues that may arise on the wedding day.

When the wedding day arrives, there will be no surprises with where the light is, it will feel right because of our planning.

The ambiance will be perfect.

If needed we may suggest solutions such as adding in organic or electrical options from lighting specialists to maintain the same feeling as the sun goes down. Keeping the same look and feel of your photographs from start to end.

The consultation can be done with the planner, or the couple and months or event a year ahead. Often for remote locations, a live face-time chat can work well or at the rehearsal dinner in the days before.

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