During pre-production meetings, we review sunlight, wind, temperature, best angle/perspectives and transitions that may impact how you feel in the moment and how you will look in the photographs.  We cover location aesthetics and talk about what elements that drew you to the choices you made so the capture of your vision is represented in the final collection of photographs.

As we discuss the aesthetics of the day we offer our experience as needed of how to make the most impact and intentionality on your design and guest experience.  We collaborate with your planner and memorize your wedding their design deck to know your your expectations and preferences so we can capture your vision in full.


Let’s talk about how you want to feel during each part of the day, and how to ensure the best flow and pace for maximized candid capture with the portraits you are requesting. Maximize the day to enjoy the people you are with during each segment of the timelime, and assess time needed for creativity and variation.


Nuptial celebrations are an unrepeatable live event. Dialogue & review from a photogenic perspective about how to capture what’s most valuable to you at your ceremony and day, so that no honorable moment, heartfelt emotion, or unique event is not fully captured by intentional preparation & planning.


We shoot Medium format coverage on a Contax 645 with Kodak Portra film being our preferred stock media and digital blended beautifully together.


Four to six weeks after the wedding, the photographs are ready to view! Celebrate with those you invite, and re-live the wedding day with a 45 minute curated video presentation with a soundtrack prepared for you.

First look of your photographs

When you are having fun, you will like how you look.
Our process of getting to know each of our couples, where they are coming from with their camera experience, listening to their preferences and visualizing their POV being photographed is essential.  We review past favorite photographs and learn the goals of our couples strengths and any areas they want to improve on being captured.

We put relentless attention to detail of our couples experience and enjoyment while being photographed both during the shoot and in our post engagement shoot analysis. During our live shoot we review and build on photogenic & posture tips.  The ability for our clients to have engagement shoot practice with instant feedback builds their confidence as they have fun. 
This builds on our relationship so we know exactly what our couple want.  Laslty, we establish discreet non verbal cues based on requests our couples have to help them with their photogenic perfection be captured perfectly.

onboarding & customizing your experience

We deliver wedding highlights within 24 hour.  Within a week of the wedding slideshow, the entire hand color corrected gallery will be available for online proofing, order- ing, and downloading of all photographs.

Photograph Delviery

"people will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel" - Maya Angelou

Private Estate weddings are the most intimate & peaceful weddings in the world.



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