Mike & Rachel live in St. Helena, Napa Valley and are California natives with a passion for exploring continents, cultures, and nature. They are foodies, thanks to their exposure and friendships with the talented Napa county chefs who use their bountiful produce and menu creations for incredible dinner events that their clients enjoy. The light, the regions, the ambiance, the wonderful crafters, stylists, florists, and artists, who create inspiring events that they have documented over the years, continually fuel their love for their craft. 

the history of us


The time before marriage is a beautiful and practical time to prepare oneself for becoming the most patient and loving person you can be.  Once married, working towards becoming more unified as a couple, and more forgiving as individuals are keys to a sweet relationship.  

Rachel and I both believed that the time beforehand was special, and pursued preparing ourselves to be sustainably relationally beautiful to each other, well past the proverbial "dating phase".  The joy that comes from a peaceful unity far outweighs any selfish gain otherwise. 


Mike & Rachel met through her sister one spring. Their friendship grew over the next few months, as their friends quickly paired up and got married, the two of them spent a lot of time together pursuing and exploring their passions of cooking, adventuring, traveling and soon began to date. 8 months later, on the northern beaches of Oahu, Mike proposed to Rachel, at sunset. Their chef friends made them dinner on the beach front patio until the stars came out. Shortly after, Rachel then left her job and from then on they were a team shooting together.

Dating & Engagement

October 22nd we got married on the beach and headed to a hawaiian themed private estate a few miles away for their reception with family. Their first dance was to Jack Johnson’s Better Together

wedding day

Passionate about marriage, love and dating each other, we recommitted our nuptials and evolved and expanded our vows to each other. We invited close family and friends who have supported us and celebrated everyones marriage. Each couple attending received their vows hand calligraphered on beautiful 16x20 Italian parchment paper as a keepsake and a piece of art to display In their home of the most important commitment in their lives to be on display. 

10 year anniversary

"Love is the answer, at least for most of the questions in my heart"                                                                                         
 - Jack Johnson

Mike was raised in Northern California in a home with plenty of acreage for a vegetable garden and a beautiful space for hosting events. Hospitality runs in his family roots as much as anything else. Mike began shooting film in his primary school days while traveling the Americas with his family. Graduating from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California with a BS in Art and Design, Mike brings a gentle yet detailed approach to his creative process. Mike's experience shooting editorial, fashion and landscapes is combined to bring a depth to capturing the essence of a wedding weekend celebration. Mike's attention to detail in the professional realm, as well as his joy for life, creates a positive dynamic for his clients on their wedding day.


Rachel grew up on the beaches of southern California.  Her years at UC San Diego, with her Human Development major, brought her gentle soul the wisdom of working well with young and old alike. She has a tender, loving, and beautiful way with people. Her presence lights up a room, and she adds an intuitive and helpful dynamic on the wedding day. 


Private estate weddings are the most intimate & peaceful weddings in the world.



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