Wedding planners are instrumental in our ability to focus 100% of our attention on you, the guests, the love and the moments happening. 

Photographers are frequently the last of those serving at the wedding who see every planned element before it's enjoyed and documented. While our type-a nature beckons us to perfect the slightest detail, including such things as foliage caught in your gown, strands of hair out of place, we will have attentiveness event such things as the breeze that blew the linen napkin on the escort card after everything was set, but before it was photographed.

We cannot stress highly enough, to secure a vetted, seasoned planner who executes with perfection, communicates beautifully and professionally, and who is endearing and lovely to work with side by side.  

We are your team that will document beautifully, solves the surprises that may arise, so that not a moment or memory is missed or taken away from those gathered with you.

Planning for perfection..

There are many planners and stylist who are wonderful to work with.  

We've been honored to work with some of the best from Harpers Bazaar's top 40 wedding planners, Brides "best of", as well as the knot's best wedding planners each year.  We recommend choosing a top planner to make your weekend plans and the months leading up to your wedding a smooth success.

This is crucial for our success in photographing your wedding.

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