Mike is a budding chef with a green thumb, who utilizes as much of his property as one possibly can for his own urban farm in his small California town. Sharing seeds, seasonal fruit, and recipes from esteemed local chefs, he is always learning new ways to cook, and especially loves unique heirloom vegetable varietals from around the world, as well as his favorite Italian dishes that he cooks up with his wife.  Rachel can often found baking up something delicious in the kitchen, as well. 


Our house is known as the Larson B&B, where we’ve been able to host guests locally and from abroad while delighting them with local fare and fauna. We’ve been blessed to make friends as we travel overseas and joyed to be able to return the favor to them when they come visit. The world is a smaller place when you have friends to stay with most anywhere you travel! 


Work has taken us around the globe to adventure to some pretty spectacular regions, and meet some beautiful people in many cultures. The humility of always being ready to learn is our why behind our travels. It shows us how small we are and how important and fascinating it is to listen to others. Imperative to our craft, listening and learning what people are all about is the core of enabling us to prepare for and capture authentic, heartfelt real moments. Our favorite locations hands down have been Italy and Australia. On the bucket list are the places where we can bring love and impact people and cultures who are not as fortunate as we are in the states or have needs from perilous events. 


...the sound of Rachel’s sweet voice always seems to still my busy day and bring me peace.

 More sound than sight, Mike’s enjoyment for piano, and guitar bring an elation to my day...


Time slows down when one is disconnected from the demands of technology. We pursue filling our minds and eyes with the beauty of this creation. Admittedly, our lack of a TV has given us the time to spend paddle boarding across Lake Tahoe each summer, cross-country skiing in the Sierra, or road tripping across the country to search out a timely, seasonal and worthy destination.

 We love connecting with like-minded friends and sharing the joys of being outside in nature.


Mentoring is at the heart of our home. Whether it's the young & fatherless, budding entrepreneurs, newlyweds, or new parents, Mike & Rachel have grown more while pouring into the lives of others than when there’s somebody new on this side of the four walls of our house. 

Thanks to those who have poured into us, we are grateful to be able to give back and are inspired by the likes of George Muller and Francis Chan in the way they love not just in word, but in sincerity and actually doing things for people. 

As Bob Goff says, “Love Does”. As stated in our love for travel, we believe we were born for a time as this, to bring our excess to those who have nothing and to be messengers of joy and 
the good news.


"How we live our days is, of course, how we live our lives"  - Annie Dillard

Private Estate weddings are the most intimate & peaceful weddings in the world.



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