Every year, around our anniversary, we have portraits taken of us that capture what life is like that year. We like to document who we are, and how our love and friendship continues to grow and evolve. In our relationship, we strive to always date each other, and these portrait sessions show this and inspire us to keep our relationship focused on what matters most. If there is ever tension between us, and we see one of these photographs in our house, it reminds us to re-focus on what really matters: enjoying each other, being patient with one another, and loving and serving one another.

Additionally, each year we take a marriage retreat together where we spend our days discussing who we were over the last year, who we want to become, and how we can make that happen. We believe that when we pair these two elements together, over the rest of our lives, we will keep a clear vision for who we want to be as a husband and wife.

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